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Printer Hacking Part 1 - Dumping Firmware and Debugging

2021-08-03 hardware hacking reverse engineering epson

It’s summer! For me this meant another season in Edinburgh but with some sun. For some of those at university it meant moving back home or even ... Read More

Google CTF Qualifiers 2020 - Root Power

2020-08-25 ctf reverse engineering

A reverse engineering challenge I worked on for Google CTF Qualifiers 2020. I played with cr0wn 🇬🇧, which came 16th and qualified for the next stage. ... Read More

Defcon CTF Qualifiers 2020 - cursed

2020-05-18 ctf reverse engineering pwn

This is a pwn challenge I worked on for DefCon Qualifiers 2020.

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Plaid CTF 2020 Write-up 2 - YOU wa SHOCKWAVE

2020-04-19 ctf reverse engineering


Feeling stifled by the large crowd gathered in the entrance plaza, you open up your minimap and try to find somewhere to search far away from ...

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Plaid CTF 2020 Write-up 1 - reee

2020-04-19 ctf reverse engineering


Tired from all of the craziness in the Inner Sanctum, you decide to venture out to the beach to relax. You doze off in the sand only to be ...

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X-Mas CTF 2019 Write-up 1 - snt_dcr_shp, function_plotter, and weather

2019-12-25 ctf reverse engineering binary

The X-Mas CTF hosted by HTsP, ran from 13 Dec 2019 till 20 Dec 2019. It had some fun pwn challenges, including kernel pwn.

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OWASP Android Crackme Level 1

2018-09-12 dev reverse engineering android apk

Reverse engineering Android apps: Cracking OWASP Android crack me with patching and static analysis Read More