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2018-03-19 blog

A Computer Science and Mathematics undergraduate student at the University of Edinburgh. I play CTF with the cr0wn 🇬🇧.

I’m passionate about reverse engineering, gaming, machine learning, penetration testing, software development, and cryptography.

So when I do have the luxury of indulgence I’d spend my free time on:

  • CTFs.
  • Cracking Boot2Roots .
  • HackTheBox.
  • Reverse engineering crackmes and malware.
  • Hours of Civilization.
  • Try-hard bug bounty hunting.
  • Learning a new language, currently: Verilog & Korean

Things I think I can do:

  • Programming - Rust, C/C++, Go, Haskell, Python, Dart, JavaScript
  • Reverse engineering
  • NodeJS
  • Frontend development (ReactJS/Native, Vue.JS)
  • Backend development (Django, Flask, Gin-Gonic)
  • Mobile development (Android Kotlin, Flutter)
  • TensorFlow
  • Can calculate SHA hashes by hand (Very useless)
  • Survive Gandhi’s nukes in Civ (Debatable)

Like many CS undergrads I am thirsty for work and internships. So if you are hiring in the UK or Malaysia, please take a look at my CV.

Email: atob("bmFua2VlbkBwcm90b25tYWlsLmNo")